Saturday, 29 October 2011

Contact High

Finally got my hands on Dazed And Confused and i-D! Back in the day where I was on tumblr, I would always see pictures about these magazines. In England you can only get them in London- where I am not residing. I picked these up in Paris. This may not seem like a big deal but to me I think it is! I have decided I prefer i-D, well November issue anyway. Second picture is of the jewelery I am constantly wearing everyday. My eye ring and ear cuff. Love them both! Third picture is of a little card I got from HMV. Some of those bands (e.g the Wombats and Friendly Fires) are quite good !

Clocks go back this morning!


Went to Paris and Belgium this half term here are some pictures of Paris! (Since it's more exciting than Belgium). I was there for only one night as it was short notice. We stayed in this lovely hotel right near the Louvre on Ru Rivoli. The first thing we did was go to a little café (picture 2) next to La Louvre and then went around it (picture 1, 3, 4, 5, 6). Then walked and walked for miles to a not so famous yet oh so lovely street La Mairie (pictures 7- 12). It had amazing shops and some great little vintage shops which we spent hours in! I think we spent almost two hours in Zara, Etam and Sephora alone ! Just strolling through Paris is satisfying itself. With the sun almost setting we quickly got our selves a taxi to the hotel. We then got ready to go out for supper with my sister and her friends at Momart. I think that is probably my favourite place in Paris. It was at night and just over looking Paris was breath taking. I don't know how to explain how beautiful it is, especially at night with all the lights. I love how all the buildings are not sky rise and all old fashioned- even the new buildings are made to look old ! Walking back from Momart we went past Le Sacre Coeur- such a beautiful church it's so amazing! I have to say- the architecture in Paris wins me. The next day only having about five hours (it goes by so quickly!) before we had to leave- we decided to visit the Eiffel Tower and Galeries Lafayette. We weren't planning to go up the Eiffel Tower as we don't want to look like tourists (;) ), so we just took pictures of it. We took a taxi (which, in Paris are so disappointing) to Galeries Lafayette. The ceiling is just oh my Overwhelming. We spent too long in there my feet were killing me. I didn't get anything but my sister got these brilliant boots and bag ! Went to a few French Cafés here and there during our stay. After that we visited a souvenir shop (You just have to !) and headed back to the hotel.  We didn't go to all the places I would have liked to. Definitely going back!

A citizen

CaMeRa Luvz M3 xoxox

Do you ever get those moments where you just feel that taking pictures on your computer is so much more important than doing your history essay? I do.

Picture 1 is when I dip dyed my hair. My sister dyed her whole hair pink, just not pictured.

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Drums- Forever & Ever Amen (Live in Jakarta)

The crowd looks pretty shit


Hello and welcome to this blog. I'm really not good with introductions and descriptions so I won't even go there...I have had another blog in the past, arcticfires, but I forgot my email and password so I decided to make a new one. This is the stupidest idea because in school I'm not allowed on blogger it's banned, blocked, shunned etc. and so I'll only be able to post in holidays, half terms, exeats, out weekends yada yada. I'm on half term at the moment as you can see.... but this time next week I shall be back to hell and banned from this joint. If you're wondering the meaning behind my name, breaktrash; break- because I will only be able to use + update this on breaks/holidays. Trash- because this is all such trash. So original I know.

These few pictures were from Summer 2011. I'm not going to be all  "Oh my God this was the best summer ever I miss it so much" because it wasn't the best summer and I really don't miss it. I am not trying to sound spoilt and miserable but nothing very interesting happened. We go to Cornwall every year and that was fun in general but I can't seem to remember any time where I thought " I am having a good time right now " . Disappointing. Can't wait till next summer though because I heard my mum talking about going skiing/snowboarding in Melbourne and I've never seen snow ! Brill.