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My birthday is the 2nd of September, which makes me an early Virgo. I know a lot of people have been putting these things on their blogs but this is my blog and so I want to put whatever I feel should be on my blog !


I really like the Virgo picture, I don't know if it's a sign or anything..but I literally love everything in the display and would have it all for my own.  Hah.
In recent years, you’ve certainly paid your dues. Just a few years ago, you had faced some of the most severe planetary challenges possible. Saturn entered Virgo and began restricting your movements and testing your mettle. If you said at the time that only a superhuman could survive what you (and Pisces) were being asked to endure, you’re right, but since then, you’ve proven just how tough you can be. You not only survived but also flourished, and people who predicted you’d be down for the count had to eat those words. The good news is Saturn is planning to finally make his departure from your financial earned income (second house) on 4 October. Your earned income should rise soon after, possibly as soon as the new moon 15 October. In the two weeks that follow that new moon, be ready to ask for a raise, or to negotiate salary confidently for a new position. You will likely be very pleased and surprised when you see your income go up at long last! You will still have to be careful about money matters, for Uranus will remain your financial house until March 2019. Keep an eye on money you owe, as well as money you share. Uranus wants you to become more skillful at creating contingency plans should funds from any source dry up suddenly for any reason.

Now let’s look at superb news, the arrival of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in friendly earth-sign Taurus, to shine his light in the area of your chart ruling big dreams, international travel and adventure, expansive experiences and learning, which is your ninth house. For any of these matters, you will see some of your best progress at the end of April and in early May. The new moon on 21 April will be stellar, and the luckiest weekend of the year, 12 - 13 May, will bring exciting results. And, more extraordinary news: Mars will spend an unusually long time in Virgo and will allow you to materialise a dream dear to you. In Virgo for nearly eight months, this suggests you'll be starting something new – it might be any number of things, including a romantic relationship!

Generally, you’ll have your best luck in love during the first half of 2012 when Jupiter will be there to support your every move. Later, Venus will move into Virgo from October 3 to 28, making October a standout month for you. Venus will work to increase your magnetism and charm, so all you need to do is be “out there” so that others can meet you.

Jupiter will brilliantly light your tenth career house of honours awards and achievement on 12 June and continue for a total of a year of rewards! Any new position you take on under this phase would NOT be a lateral move, but a big step up the ladder of success to a position of more power and responsibility. You’ll be thrilled with what will occur. By this time Saturn will be out of reach, so you really have a good shot at fixing your finances at long last. Watch carefully for what happens just after the solar eclipse, 20 May. And, the 28 November eclipse.
Now let’s turn to matters of love, which will also bring cause for celebration. The unusually long tour of Mars in Virgo will continue to 3 July. I particularly like the period from 21 April to 13 May, when all conditions will be superb. There is another day, 21 May, when Jupiter will meet with your ruler, Mercury. That’s sure to be a great moment for you, for on that day, all your interests will be served. Later, Venus will move into Virgo from 3 – 28 October, making it a standout month for you.
Dear Virgo, Mars in Virgo, later Venus in Virgo – wow! You have plenty of wonderful aspects to set your spirits soaring. It’s possible too that you may meet an artist, musician or other creative person and fall in love. You may create the kind of relationship that you see up on the silver screen, in the movies. That kind of poetry in real life does exist.

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