Thursday, 9 August 2012

The breakfast club

Known to most as a cult classic 80's film. It is my all time favourite movie and here are just some of the many best scenes in my opinion. Enjoy
And the 'theme tune' of the film

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


So over how many months I have gathered these pictures all from tumblr, that have all caught my eye because I just find them all so inspiring for what I want my dreeeaamm home to look and feel like. The photos above are some of the many I like...
I want to live in a spacious place with pictures hanging on the walls everywhere, only white walls- and some brick walls with white painted over. Comfy/slouchy leather chairs and big colourful pillows.  Fur rugs, old Indian carpets, Cow carpets, big rugs small rugs- rugs rugs rugs!! Plants in corners, flowers on tables. In one room a big wall with writing all over it, meaningful quotes or something like that. Candles EVERYWHERE. Cluttered shelves with objects and things I have collected. Books and magazines in every convenient place. White sheets and floral sheets only. A bright colourful front door with a lookout. A hammock ...somewhere PLEASE! Record player with classic records always playing. Buddha statues. Have a bath out in a big room like the living room for example.
The only way I can describe this paradise house organised mess.