Tuesday, 3 April 2012


So over how many months I have gathered these pictures all from tumblr, that have all caught my eye because I just find them all so inspiring for what I want my dreeeaamm home to look and feel like. The photos above are some of the many I like...
I want to live in a spacious place with pictures hanging on the walls everywhere, only white walls- and some brick walls with white painted over. Comfy/slouchy leather chairs and big colourful pillows.  Fur rugs, old Indian carpets, Cow carpets, big rugs small rugs- rugs rugs rugs!! Plants in corners, flowers on tables. In one room a big wall with writing all over it, meaningful quotes or something like that. Candles EVERYWHERE. Cluttered shelves with objects and things I have collected. Books and magazines in every convenient place. White sheets and floral sheets only. A bright colourful front door with a lookout. A hammock ...somewhere PLEASE! Record player with classic records playing...music always playing. Buddha statues. Have a bath out in a big room like the living room for example.
The only way I can describe this paradise house is....an organised mess.

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