Friday, 28 October 2011


Hello and welcome to this blog. I'm really not good with introductions and descriptions so I won't even go there...I have had another blog in the past, arcticfires, but I forgot my email and password so I decided to make a new one. This is the stupidest idea because in school I'm not allowed on blogger it's banned, blocked, shunned etc. and so I'll only be able to post in holidays, half terms, exeats, out weekends yada yada. I'm on half term at the moment as you can see.... but this time next week I shall be back to hell and banned from this joint. If you're wondering the meaning behind my name, breaktrash; break- because I will only be able to use + update this on breaks/holidays. Trash- because this is all such trash. So original I know.

These few pictures were from Summer 2011. I'm not going to be all  "Oh my God this was the best summer ever I miss it so much" because it wasn't the best summer and I really don't miss it. I am not trying to sound spoilt and miserable but nothing very interesting happened. We go to Cornwall every year and that was fun in general but I can't seem to remember any time where I thought " I am having a good time right now " . Disappointing. Can't wait till next summer though because I heard my mum talking about going skiing/snowboarding in Melbourne and I've never seen snow ! Brill.

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